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Drain Cleaning Service Plumbers Recommend Root Killer?

Why Do Roots Grow In Drains and What Can You Do About It?

    As a drain cleaning and rooter service company in Yakima, WA our plumbers are always encountering stubborn  roots that are growing in sewer drains. Unfortunately this is a problem that occurs more often as the household sewer drain becomes older over time. If left untreated, this plumbing problem can get down right agonizing. So in this article we will go over some tips to help you save a costly mistake that we have literally seen thousands of times and then we will offer a safe and effective routine maintenance regiment that has now been proven to help.

yakima drain plumber showing how rooter companies handle roots growing in a main line
Cleaning Roots Out Of A Yakima Main Sewer Pipe

drain roots
Roots That Invaded A Yakima Sewer Drain

  Tree roots tend to infiltrate older sewer drains that were butted together (as pictured below) with older clay pipe, concrete pipe and asbestos pipe. The connection hubs where the pipes connect together are the weak point where those tree roots intrude the sewer as the trees are looking for nourishment and a water supply. 

Demonstration of Tree Roots Growing in a Clay Sewer Pipe
   The problem that these pesky tree roots present is a lot bigger of a problem than some plumbers may suggest. Once the tree roots have managed to enter the sewer or drain pipe, they tend to be small hair-like roots. In most cases this first initial stage of the root intrusion is normally very minimal and the problem can be taken care of by a plumber with a rooter machine, a little finesse and some expertise. A rooter machine can accommodate an array of root cutter heads that can be fixed to the end of the snake. These cutter heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each one performs a specific task.

Root Cutter Attachments

    As aforementioned, the initial stage of a tree root finding it's way into a sewer pipe is a minimal risk. It doesn't really effect the integrity of the sewer drain and neither does the job of snaking those roots out of the pipe for the most part. Keep in mind that some trees and shrubs are more aggressive on drains than others. For instance, many of the evergreen variety of trees tend to not be all that aggressive with the exception of Arborvitae trees (which are abundantly planted directly over sewer pipes) Some common shrubs that are aggressive include rose bush and grape vines but they are usually only aggressive down to about 4 feet of depth. Which means that aggressive shrubs should be kept 6 away from sewer pipes.

   So where do you go from there? Well, that is a good question that very few people ask and it should be a concern, right? 
  After a plumber has snaked out your sewer drain pipe and discovered a few roots on the cable of the drain machine, is where you want to start to be concerned. These little hair-like roots are gems of information about the integrity of your sewer system.... Hooray!! Now is your chance to get this problem under control......Maybe. 
  Could a Root Killer solution be the answer? It very well might be but going out and haphazardly buying up root killer may be a waste of time and money. We have an article that dates back 4 years ago where we stated that root killer for sewer pipes is mostly ineffective. You can read that drain cleaning article here. However, plumbing technology has come a long ways since then. Keep reading for more information.
  We would never suggest at 24 Rooter of Yakima to just go out and get some root solution without proper protocol. There are important steps and procedures that need to be done beforehand.

  The next step is to have our plumbers do a video camera pipe inspection of the sewer drain so that we can show you where the roots are getting into the pipe and the severity of the problem. At the same time we can see on the camera if any damage has occurred to the pipe. This is a vitally important step, and that brings us to the next issue.
Q: Can a sewer root invasion damage your drain pipes?
A: Yes it can! In fact, it can completely collapse and destroy the pipe!

   Over time, a sewer root problem that is not taken care of and treated right away can and will start to damage the pipe. Once tree roots have found a good source of nourishment and have embedded in your drains, they don't just "go away". In fact, they continue get bigger and take a stronghold within your sewer every year during the root growing season. The problem becomes worse over time, but that's why you are reading this article, right? You are a savvy homeowner, and you want to know what the SOLUTION to this problem is!? Well, Lucky You;)


A new and improved solution for household sewer drain roots.

Foaming root killer is designed specifically to do what all the previous solutions never could do and why we have never really recommended the old solutions. It kills the roots where they grow, through the top half of the drain pipe. Not at the bottom of the pipe where you would previously just throw money in the drain and watch it float along the bottom of the sewer pipe bypassing your root problem.
In conclusion: 
This is great news for some homeowners and in many cases it may not be the solution.
At 24Rooter we can help guide you through the decision process to determine what will work best for your situation. 

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Yakima, WA Frozen Pipe Thawing

Yakima,  WA Frozen Plumbing & Pipe Thawing

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    24 Rooter has been the leading plumbing company in frozen pipe thawing throughout Yakima County for the last 6 years. We have developed a procedure that allows us  to thaw out frozen pipes in a fraction of the time it takes by traditional thawing methods. While we carry most every form of thawing equipment onboard our vans during the winter freeze season, we also carry onboard a Hot Piper machine for those situations when safety becomes an issue.

     If you want to learn  How To Thaw Frozen Pipes  there are several DIY tips you can research across the web. However, do take note of risks involved in thawing pipes and the hazards of fire during the process. 

   Thawing frozen pipes can be a very dangerous and should performed by professional plumbers. If you are having a frozen plumbing issue give us a call ASAP.

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