Monday, February 25, 2019

Is Your Yakima Home or Rental Equipped With An Accessible Sewer Drain Clean-out?

Yakima, WA homeowners may not have a sewer drain clean-out port in case of an emergency!

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A Yakima WA multi-family home sewer clean-out that was hidden and neglected

   Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord in Yakima, WA you really should have an easily accessible emergency clean-out for your sewer drain. We can't tell you how many times we have encountered a home that either, does not have a sewer clean-out or the homeowner does not even know if their home has one, but the numbers are staggering. Not only is this disadvantageous to homeowners, but more importantly for landlords in Yakima.

   At 24 Rooter of Yakima we truly understand how important it is to get emergency services like plumbing, drain cleaning and other services taken care of as soon as possible for all those great tenants that are dependent on their landlord to make those arrangements.

   This common problem becomes magnified even more in Yakima during the cold Winter months when we see snowfall accumulation of up and over 12 inches.

   As you can maybe imagine, our job of taking care of your plumbing drains becomes more challenging in a scenario like this when the homeowner or landlord does not know if they have a sewer drain clean-out during the snow season. Often times there may very well be a clean-out but it is nowhere to be found under the snow and ice. 

   Anytime we install a clean-out for a customer we put it in a location that is safe from accidental breakage of a lawnmower or being trampled on. Ideally the clean-out should be installed about 6-8 inches above ground and close to the house whenever possible. The extra height of the sewer cleaning port will still be noticeable even when covered with snow. Some of our customers like to disguise it by putting something decorative around it and or a potted plant.

  We certainly recommend that you have us install a drain cleaning port for your sewer if you don't have one. There are always other options to get your drains up and going in most cases. However, it may get very involved and extremely costly. And worse yet, it may take a lot longer time to complete the job, which is understandable for a single family home but what if it's your rental?

As always 24 Rooter is here to help and inform.

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