Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Baby It's Cold Outside! Get Your Yakima Plumbing Prepared.

Is your Yakima WA Plumbing and Drains At Risk?

Yakima WA drains and plumbing during snow storm prepared for frozen pipes thawing.
24 Rooter of Yakima preparing for frozen pipes and drains. Winter 2019.
Surprisingly, many of our clients still don't know how costly a major Winter storm can be for their plumbing pipes and drains. An onslaught of cold weather can wreak havoc in a short period of time. The weather indicators to watch for is when the overnight lows are predicted to be in the teens or any temperature below 20 degrees. In Yakima, WA we usually get the majority of frozen pipe calls after 2 consecutive evenings below 20 degrees.

Some of the most common reasons plumbing pipes and drains freeze.

1.) Homeowners forget to close or cover the crawl space vents around their home.
2.) Homeowners do not have their crawlspace cover set in place and snug against the house. 
3.) Homeowners forget to remove their garden hoses over winter.
4.) The plumbing under the house has portions that are close to the outside edges of the crawlspace that is not insulated.
5.) Homeowners leave for vacation during a Winter storm and forget to winterize their plumbing. (24 Rooter provides full and proper plumbing winterizing)

*Last but not least*

During a Winter Storm. Leave a faucet running slightly at both ends of the house.

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