Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Yakima Plumbing Experts

Introducing the new Revolution in the plumbing industry.

yakima plumbing experts and rooter service

24 Rooter of Yakima has been serving the Yakima, WA area since 2013 and we have over 17 years experience in the Plumbing, Drain, Sewer and Septic industry. We have now provided professional plumbing service to 3,350 customers since 2013.

So, what does the number 24 symbolize and the term "Revolutionary Service" mean?

The number 24 is symbolic with a full revolution and it means that we founded our plumbing company based on principles that we learned over time from customers. We took note of all the complaints that costumers alluded to about plumbing companies in general and we decided it was time for a change in the way business could be conducted to meet the needs of people when they are seeking to find an expert Yakima plumber. 

Therefor, we sought to provide revolutionary service to customers through top-notch exclusive business  practices.

Gone are the days when you don't really know for sure if the plumber at your house is an expert or not until....unfortunately, something goes wrong with the plumbing work performed.

Gone are the days when the plumbing company doesn't honor or even mention a warranty.

Gone are the days when the plumber never shows up as scheduled. 

Gone are days when the plumber doesn't give you a courtesy call if he is going to be a little late.

Gone are the days when the plumbers at your don't take the extra time or breath to give you all the details you need to know about the cause of your plumbing failure.

Gone are the days when your plumber doesn't spend some friendly extra time explaining to you how to prevent a future problem with the plumbing issue at hand. 

At 24 Rooter of Yakima, we enjoy taking more time with each and every customer to provide the best experience from a Yakima plumber. Our plumbing service is exclusive and not for everyone. We don't serve the masses. We reserve our service for those who want the absolute best experience out of their plumber.


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