Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Plumbing Excavation Service in Yakima, WA - How To Avoid A Plumbing Disaster

Having trouble with  your sewer line clogging up? Or maybe your septic system is draining slow?

We have solutions to get your plumbing back up and flowing!

yakima plumbers repairing sewer pipe plumbing excavator
Replacing Failed Sewer Clean Out in Yakima, WA

At 24 Rooter of Yakima we have over 17 years experience in the plumbing excavation and drain service industry.

yakima plumber and plumbing excavation repairs
Installing new drain for clean out service

So often a home in Yakima, WA will have a very old sewer system that is failing over time due to root intrusions or the sewer plumbing settles in the ground over time and with the harsh Winters that Yakima receives, the ground is expanding and contracting each year. We have encountered and seen this problem many times on our Sewer Video Inspection Equipment.

Yakima WA plumber sewer inspection camera
 Yakima Sewer Inspection Video Camera 

There is a large percentage of older Yakima, WA residential neighborhoods that have homes that do not have access to their sewer plumbing system via an accessible clean out port. This not only makes working on the underground plumbing difficult, but it also means that it costs more to have the drain cleaned out by an alternative method of working from within the home while making a bit of a dirty mess, or from snaking through a plumbing vent on the roof of the house.

Pulling roots from a roof plumbing vent in Yakima, WA

Most of the sewer issues our plumbers encounter in Yakima, WA are completely avoidable if proactive action is taken on the part of the homeowner before the problem starts. Often times most people wait until the problem is at large. 

At 24 Rooter we are known for solving our customer's problems through education of how their sewer system works and what they can do to help maintain their system. This means different measures for different people. Sometimes a complete sewer replacement is critically import but more often than not, there is a less expensive alternative that will keep your plumbing working and give you a peaceful night's sleep knowing that everything is going to work properly when your friends and family show up to spend some time on holidays and get togethers.

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