Friday, March 27, 2015

New Services Available For Your Yakima Drain Cleaning | Sewer Video Inspections And Diagnostics

24 Rooter of Yakima is now offering a new introductory rate for providing our customers with knowledgable staff specializing in sewer camera video inspections and diagnostics of your underground drains.

yakima wa plumbing plumbers drain and sewer cleaning service with pipe locating

As an added bonus, 24 Rooter of Yakima will be offering residential sewer video inspections at HALF OFF the normal price when you purchase a drain cleaning job for your sewer line.

This includes all setup, inspection and cleanup and enough time to show you the condition of your sewer drain line. One of our knowledgable staff will inform you of any anomalies in your sewer plumbing.

Our team will then be able to suggest proper maintenance and new practices to help prolong the life of your sewer drain pipe. 

Depending on the condition of your pipe and after troubleshooting the problem, you may have a problem in the pipe that is causing your sewer drain clog more often and may need more immediate attention.

In the case that your sewer line needs to be excavated to make a repair, we will pinpoint the exact location and depth of the troublesome break in your sewer line and we will provide you with an estimated cost to excavate the pipe and make the repair to your sewer drain pipe.

As our valued customer, we want to give you honest and professional advice on the condition of your pipe. We have seen hundreds of sewer pipes on the inspection camera and because of this experience we have a very good idea of the approximate time you will have before the pipe will have to be repaired or replaced. Our goal is to be informative as we possibly can so that you have a good idea how to go about maintaining your sewer drain for long term or short term if the issue is ongoing.

Our current HALF PRICE video inspection service offering is a tremendous bargain when you call us for drain cleaning in Yakima, WA. The state-art-equiptment used for this type of service is very expensive and requires regular maintenance and repair. 

Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts! 

24 Rooter is your locally owned and operated Yakima drain cleaning specialist.

Give us a call today at (509) 985-2407

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