Friday, March 13, 2015

Why Hydro Jetting Might Be A Better Solution For Your Drain Cleaning in Yakima WA

   Cabling or Snaking your drains alone may not always be the best solution to take care of your Yakima drain cleaning needs. Often times, snaking a drain will leave behind roots, grease and other debris that a cable alone can not remove from your sewer or drain line.

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  • Complete Cleaning
A Hydro Jet uses highly pressurized water at a rate of 2000psi-7000psi which completely scours the walls of the drain pipe, leaving the inside of your drain in optimal condition. The high pressure cleaning will remove all grease, soap build up, hair, roots, and bacteria growth which can lead to an awful odor emitting from your pipes.
  • Safe On Pipes
Hydro Jetting is a non-destructive alternative for drain cleaning that is performed by experienced plumbing technicians who are trained to use the equipment in a safe and effective manner. Using caustic chemicals in your drains can be damaging to your pipes and the environment. Snaking a drain or sewer pipe is generally considered to be safe in most regards. However, the repetitive use of a mechanical auger can be destructive on older plumbing drains.

  • Long Lasting 
Due to the extra capabilities of a Hydro Jetter to remove all of the debris in your drains, the resulting effect will generally last longer.

  •  Cost Effective
As mentioned above, Hydro Jetting a sewer or drain line will help prevent your drains from re-clogging from leftover debris in the pipe that a snake alone cannot remove. The remaining grease or other bacteria and debris that an auger leaves behind can often times cause the drain to prematurely clog again adding additional costs over time.

Advanced Hydro Jetter Plumbing Services

24 Rooter offers a variety of Hydro Jetting services that set us apart from other competitors. We carry a large assortment of different attachments for hydro drain cleaning services including different size hoses to get the job done right. We can also provide a video inspection of the drain cleaning to assure you that your drains were cleaned to optimal specifications.

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