Thursday, March 5, 2015

Maintaining A Stubborn Root Problem in Your Yakima Sewer and Drains.

Most of our customers know that tree roots can invade their sewer and drain plumbing but one of the most common questions we receive from customers is how to prevent roots from re-entering their sewage infrastructure.

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Many of the Yakima, WA residential areas are 50-100 years old and these older homes still have a majority of the original plumbing and sewer systems that were originally installed with the home. 

The side sewer laterals that were installed outside of these older homes was commonly constructed of cement, clay, or asbestos sectional tiles. Most often these sectional tiles were butted together without a water-tight sealant. 

Over the years, these older systems are susceptible to damage and intrusion from tree roots. The tree roots will start to grow through the joining section of the older pipe materials and begin growing inside of the sewer plumbing.

If this problem is detected soon enough, there are various means to take care of the root problem before they ultimately  damage the drain line to the point of having to be replaced.

24 Hour Rooter can help you with the most stubborn root problem by cutting out the majority of the tree roots with a powered main line sewer snake and once the roots have been removed from we can visually look inside the drain or sewer pipe with a sewer video inspection camera to verify the condition of your sewer drain pipe.

We will then determine the extent of your root problem and make suggestions based on the condition of your sewer pipe. 

Often times the remedy is quite simple. The market is flooded with various products that are labeled as Root Killer. However, many of these products either simply do not work or can be very caustic and damaging to the environment.

Upon completion of any root removal service that we offer to our customers, we will take our time to explain to you everything you need to know about maintaining a root free sewer line.

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