Monday, July 14, 2014

Flushing Awesome | King County Sewage Treatment Warns Against Flushing Baby Wipes

We have been telling our Yakima customers for years about the effects that baby wipes and disinfectant wipes have on their sewer drain pipes. The King County Water Treatment Division has released a new campaign labeled "This Is Flushing Awesome". A spin off of Macklemore's "Thriftshop" to help get people's attention about the devastation of flushing items down the toilet that ultimately cause the price of sewage treatment to soar. The disposal of foreign objects that end up at the treatment centers in Yakima county or anywhere else cost the consumer extra money on their water and sewer bill. The non-sewage waste has to be separated and hauled to a garbage landfill.

Do your part to help lower these needless costs by never flushing baby wipes, counter wipes, feminim products or any other solid waste that doesn't degrade in water.

Let's all be Flushing Awesome.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How To Keep Your Kitchen Plumbing Working Like New

We have a new plumbing quick tip on maintaining your yakima kitchen plumbing over on our  Yakima plumbing tips web page for you to check out.

yakima plumbers and plumbing tips for kitchen plumbing and drain cleaning

You would be surprised how many people don't really understand how a simple little plumbing tip can help you prevent spending money on your kitchen plumbing and drain system.

At 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima we are always looking for new ideas to post about great tips from reputable plumbers. We share this advice with the public because we feel that it is an added benefit to our loyal customers. Our hope is that when you have a plumbing emergency you will remember 24 Hour Rooter and the extra mile we will go to ensure your loyalty.

You can read the full plumbing article here.

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