Tuesday, February 26, 2013

24 Hour Rooter of Yakima Special of the Day

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yakima WA Plumbers Available 24 Hours a Day

We have a dedicated Hotline at (509) 985-2407 for after hours drain cleaning, sewer and septic related calls. Sometimes getting a plumber or drain cleaner to answer the phone after 5:00pm or on a weekend can take quite a few phone calls leading to un-answered voicemails. That is why our core business revolves around this issue. As a previous employee of a local Yakima plumbing company who did answer most of their after hour calls I was surprised at how many jobs I would go out to where the customer stated that we were the only company who answered the phone. I guess that is what motivated me to act on the idea of opening an emergency plumbing service.

I knew that I wanted to offer after hours calls, but the idea of actually naming the company 24 Hour Rooter did not occur to me in the beginning as I was roughing together a business module. It wasn't until a month or so into the planning that I decided on the name.

And that's just a little history of our company. Feel free to share your comments, suggestions or your experiences.

Friday, February 22, 2013

24 Hour Plumbers Available in Yakima, WA

  What happens when you have a plumbing emergency in Yakima? If you find yourself in a plumbing emergency, who are you going to call? It is impossible to predict when the unexpected is going to happen and having a drain line plug or having a water pipe burst can be detrimental. What happens when your toilet won't flush after you have tried to plunge it several times? The kids need to be at school in an hour. You have to be at work in a couple hours and there you are without your plumbing working.
plumbers in yakima who respond to emergencies.

  Knowing who to call in case of an emergency is as important as the emergency itself. You can read an extensive review about how to choose a plumber in Yakima to help you look for a qualified emergency plumbers on AngisList which covers this decision making process in detail. While you are on the site be sure to check out our Yakima Plumbing profile on AngiesList as well and once you have used our services be sure to sign up and leave a review about our company.

More About 24 Rooter of Yakima

  24 Rooter of Yakima is centrally located in the Yakima Valley and we are ready to help you with your plumbing, sewer or drain cleaning / rooting service needs.
   We offer very competitive rates on all our services and offer money saving Plumbing Coupons to help save you even more. We also back up all of our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
   By hiring local Yakima plumbers you are avoiding the extra expense of a national plumbing name while getting a more personal experience with a Yakima plumber that you can count on every time you are in need of a plumber or drain cleaning technician.
   We pride ourselves on serving our customers with the best service, honesty and integrity that you deserve from a plumbing company. Call today to speak to a reputable Yakima plumber with over 11 years serving customers in the Yakima, WA and surrounding areas.
   As our plumbing company slogan says "Our Reputation Depends On You" We are VERY dedicated to our customers and we encourage each customer to leave us plumber reviews across the internet to help us better serve the Yakima and surrounding area community with the best plumbing service possible.
    By writing your reviews of 24 Rooter we are able to make adjustments to how we conduct business to make our customers happy and coming back time and time again.
    We also offer outstanding plumbing and drain cleaning rates for Yakima landlords, property management companies or housing authorities, as well as commercial businesses within Yakima County.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plumbing, Drain & Sewer Cleaning in Yakima, WA | What it takes to successfully unclog a sludge plug

A scene from last night's monster sludge plug in Yakima. A sludge plug happens when the sewer line has sunken in the ground over the years and creates a trap where the waste builds up over a long period of time and eventually clogs up the main drain line.

Working a sludge plug

 Snaking a sewer line with a "sludge plug" can take up to 5 hours sometimes to get it to clear, and some have taken up to 12 hours! What makes this situation so difficult is that the sludge has to be pulverized to a point where it is almost liquified before it will flow through the dip or sag in the line. Sometimes a good plumber will be able to tell if it is going to be more cost effective to continue snaking the line in hopes that it will clear before the cost to the customer becomes too expensive....or bring in a Hydrojetter to finish the job. In this picture from last night I was able to get the line flowing at 2.5 hours, which was cheaper than jetting the sewer line. After the line cleared we filled up the bath tub with hot water twice to ensure any remaining debris was cleaned out of the pipe and into the City sewer line.
  A lot of the main drain lines in Yakima are very old, so although it isn't an every day occurrence to encounter a major sludge plug, it isn't uncommon to see this sort of problem. However, even though this sort of plumbing problem is something that will have to be fixed at some point, a sludged main line is not as bothersome as a root problem and once the line is snaked out and cleared it will usually last much longer in-between  periods where it needs to be snaked compared to root problems.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome to 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima, WA

Welcome to 24 Rooter of Yakima 

We offer commercial and residential drain cleaning and various plumbing related services to Yakima, WA and surrounding areas. With over 17 years in experience in the drain cleaning and plumbing industry. 

Plumbers in Yakima WA using a drain cleaning machine

We strive to bring you fast and friendly service that you can count on. We have plumbing and drain services available throughout Yakima County. We are plumbers that specialize in sewer and drain services, as well as plumbing repairs and upgrades to your existing plumbing. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. If you need to speak to an experienced plumber about a problem in your home, feel free to call us and we will answer any question or concern you may have. In some situations it is better that we come take a look at your plumbing issue to give you a better idea of what needs to be done and that will never cost you anything as we offer free estimates as well.

Yakima plumbing van for 24 Hour Rooter and Septic

PHONE   (509) 985-2407