Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Maintenance Free Water Softening & Conditioning | 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima

New Yakima Plumbing Services Available

24 Hour Rooter of Yakima is excited to now offer state of the art maintenance free water treatment for your plumbing and on-site testing of your current water condition.

yakima plumbers install a water treatment softener for yakima plumbing customers
Electronic Descaling Device installed in a Yakima, WA basement.

  Clean drinking water seems to be a topic of great concern as of lately. Luckily there are several options that you can choose from to sustain your plumbing system and drinking water. 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima is rolling out new services this year to help you get the most bang for your buck. 

  We have been providing maintenance free water conditioning services for 18 months now to a select few customers to really "test the waters". As soon as this plumbing technology became available to the market, it peaked our interests. We wanted to wait a while to get some feedback from our initial trial customers and the results have been better than anticipated.
  Even the worse case of hard water deposits in our clients plumbing fixtures have been greatly improved with these new water softeners. The more buildup of hard water there is, the longer it takes to dissolve the deposits. That same scenario goes wether you install a traditional salt system or a much more cost effective maintenance free system.

  At 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima we only provide water quality control through the use of the ScaleBlaster Electronic Water Descaling System.

WHY? It is simply the most environmentally and economically friendly solution for your Yakima plumbing system.

What is Maintenance Free Water Conditioning and how does it help restore your plumbing?

Watch the video below to learn how it works.

Monday, January 18, 2016

New! Pick-My-Price Options Coming To 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima in 2016

At 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima we are diligently working on a brand new pricing structure that will allow customers the freedom to choose a plumbing service package, based on the amount of service they need or desire.

For instance, we will soon be offering our *Drain Cleaning Rooter Service in a 3 Tier package structure such as the following.

$Basic Price
$Extra Package
$Premium Package

Our new pricing plan is designed to provide our customers with choices to fit their budget and huge savings overall in the second and third tier package plans.

We have always provided our customers extra information and options to help them eradicate the plumbing problem at hand, and with our new price structure we will be able to provide even more options up front and on a consistent basis.

We are in the process of working out the details and pricing at this time and we will post an update as soon as this feature is available for customers to take advantage of.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Call 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima For Frozen Pipes

Call us at (509) 985-2407 for Frozen Pipes in Yakima, WA. At 24 Hour Rooter we have over 13 years experience in thawing frozen pipes. We have a variety of thawing equipment for thawing frozen pipes both in the ground and under your house.

yakima wa plumbers and plumbing
A combination of pressurized steam and forced air heat to thaw out frozen yakima plumbing pipes

More info coming soon

Monday, November 9, 2015

Save Thousands on your Yakima Plumbing by installing a septic aeration system.

If you want to save yourself the anguish of spending thousands of dollars on your plumbing, 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima has a great solution to help you save today while preparing for the future.

Most people know that maintaining a septic system is critical to the life expectancy of a plumbing system. Treatment of a septic system is crucial but did you know that you could prolong the life of your septic drain field system indefinitely and save yourself nearly $15,000 in replacement costs?

yakima septic system failure
Converting a Yakima Septic System
If your Yakima plumbing is acting up and draining slow, you may be experiencing what thousands of other people around the Yakima Valley have experienced, a failing septic system or drainfield. A drainfield can stop working for a variety of reasons.

Installing a septic aeration system to a local Yakima plumbing system.

The most common cause of a septic system failure is due to an overgrowth of a microbe known as Biomat, which grows without the presence of air in your plumbing and septic system. This Biomat is hard to treat because septic treatment solutions work as an enzyme that eats away at sewage in your plumbing and septic tank but those treatment enzymes need air to survive, which is available to your plumbing drains and septic tank through the drain vents. Anaerobic micro organisms are microbes that can survive without air and therefor they will build up in time and turn into a slurry slime that builds up in your pipes and more specifically in your septic system's drain field.

septic recovery by 24 hour rooter of yakima wa
A sewage treatment plant installed in a residential septic system.

This is why and how septic system aeration works. By adding air to the effluent in your septic tank, the air molecules work like a carbonated beverage to force air into the liquids. This action is the same  as any sewage treatment plant. The benefits of aerating your septic system can reverse the effects of a failed drainfield and restore your system to like-new condition.

Our plumbers at 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima would be more than willing to take a look at your failed septic system and give you a quoted price that will save you literally thousands of dollars in septic repair or replacement.

The video below shows the diffuser in action

This video demonstrated how whisper quite the system is (no sound editing, its just that quite while operating)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Yakima Plumber's Input On Toilet Hard Water Cleaning Video | What They Failed to Tell You!!

Here is a viral video we recently encountered that shows you how to remove hard water stains from your toilet. Many areas in and around Yakima, WA have hard water. So this video is really easy to follow and very useful for learning how to remove those annoying stains that built up in your toilet.

But Wait!!!!!!!!!!

In this video they show you how to use normal household distilled vinegar to affectively remove those hard water stains.

At 24 Hour Rooter of Yakima we have been describing to our customers how to use vinegar to remove stains from plumbing fixtures for a long time. It is very effective and works well.


As we have extensively written about in previous articles, vinegar is a MAJOR antiseptic. The acidic levels in vinegar are high enough that it works great for cleaning.

BUT here's the catch, you DO NOT want to over use any kind of Antiseptic in your drains. Including antiseptic hand soap or dish washing soap.

The drains within and outside of your home NEED good bacteria inside of them. The good bacterias will eat away at the bad bacterias. As a recent example of the overuse of antibacteria soap, we recently encountered a commercial kitchen sink in a break room at a local Yakima insurance agency where the employees were using both anti-bacteria dish soap as well as anti-bacteria hand soap. I wish I would have taken a picture of that job to show you and clarify the realism of how destructive the anti-bacteria was to their drain system. When we opened the trap under the sink to clean the drain, the p-trap looked like it had one giant black snail/slug living inside of it!! We got the trap cleaned out and cleaned the drain, not once but three times in order to get all of the bacteria buildup removed enough before the sink would drain properly.


Now that you know that vinegar is a major anti-bacteria that will kill off all of the GOOD bacterias that live in your sewer and drain system, how does the above video misinform it's viewers?

Important info

They do not tell you at any point in the video about the recourse of using vinegar as a cleaner AND as a result they do not inform you as the viewer that you will want to flush your toilet several times after the cleaning procedure to dilute the vinegar and help reduce the risk of killing off the good bacteria that resides in your drain pipes.

This article is in no way trying to discredit the above video and it's producers. The information is great and very helpful. We are merely adding our commentary to the video from the standpoint of knowledgeable Yakima plumbers and drain cleaning professionals.

SIDE NOTE: You can also put some vinegar in a plastic sandwich bag and using a rubber band, you can tie that around faucet spouts overnight to remove hard water buildup on your fixtures. You can also use the method described in the video presentation to put around the base of your faucet fixtures.

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