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The Ugly Truth About Drain Cleaning

Cleaning drains can get dirty and messy as most people know, but sometimes the job can get downright UGLY! Often times we get a call for a backed up main sewer line in Yakima, WA and upon arriving to the address we learn that the customer does not have an outside clean out to access the clogged sewer pipe. Although it  is a common scenario for an older home to not have an accessible clean out, the process of pulling a toilet to access the main sewer line is very common and a effective alternative to clean the drain.

The Mess Of  Drain Cleaning

Normally the sewer line will unclog very easily with very little cleanup. In the picture above, that was not the case as you can clearly see! Once in a while a sewer line will start to sag in the ground and create a trap for debris to slowly build up over time. See our article on Plugged Drains to find out more about what we call a "sludge plug" for more info. Whenever we encounter a plumbing problem like this we usually have a couple of other options to make the cleaning process go faster or more effective. We will usually try to locate and dig up the sewer drain line outside of the house. Once the sewer line is dug up we can tap the drain line and use that as a temporary clean out to either continue snaking the drain line or we can use a Hydro Jetter to clean the line more thoroughly and quickly. Unfortunately the plumbing in this home was installed very oddly and digging up the line was not an option as it was 5 feet deep and it was 9:00pm. Six hours later the main sewer drain line cleared with repeated "whipping" of the sludge with the snake and 1.5 Hours later...... all of the mess was completely cleaned up. 

This is just one example of a drain cleaning disaster we have had throughout the years.

Ever had a drain cleaning disaster? 

Tell us about it in the comment section. 

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How 24 Hour Rooter is able to offer Huge Savings when you need Yakima, WA Plumbers.

  At 24 Hour Rooter we have developed a Yakima, WA plumbing and drain cleaning company that is dedicated to customer needs. One way we have set out to differentiate ourselves is by limiting our advertisement dollars exclusively to online marketing vs. traditional means of advertisement which can cost a business thousands of dollars per month.

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  We intend to keep our pricing structure reasonable and affordable for anyone who needs our services throughout Yakima, WA and the surrounding areas that we serve.

  Everyone likes to save a little cash whenever they can, so if you find yourself in a plumbing emergency or crisis, give our Yakima Plumbers a call and give us a try next time.

  Don't worry, our work always includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a warranty.

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Is your septic tank backing up? | 24 Hour Rooter explains how to maintain your septic system.

If your septic tank and system is backing up in Yakima WA we may be able to help you better understand how to maintain your septic system to reduce costs of pumping the septic tank all too frequently. 

Here Are A Few Quick Tips

1. Make sure you have easy access to your septic tank lids. Often they are buried and not very easy to access on a regular basis if they have to be dug up every time. We would suggest installing septic risers to make access easier.

2. Check the thickness of the solids floating in the tank every 6 months. Once the solids become 4-6 inches thick, the septic tank should be pumped out. For a single family home, this is usually every 2-3 years.

3. Use septic treatment in your tank every 2-3 months and fill out your calendar in advance to help you remember to do this. A cheap and effective alternative to store bought treatment solution is sugar and yeast. Combine equal parts active bread yeast and sugar in a cup of luke warm water (a tablespoon of each is fine) and stir it together. Leave the solution setting for 5 minutes to activate. Flush the solution down your toilet. This creates an enzyme in your septic tank and your plumbing drains, which eats away at the solids and prolongs the life of your septic system.

4. Limit your use of bleach! If you are on a septic tank, you do not want to use too much bleach as it will kill the good enzymes that are in your tank. A safe alternative to bleach is Oxyclean. Once you learn to use Oxyclean properly you will probably never go back to using bleach anyway. Oxyclean works by oxygenating soils and stains without harming and breaking down your clothes. Not only will it clean your clothes very well but it will also not effect the good bacterias in your septic tank while having an effect on your entire septic system like a small sewage treatment plant.

5. No powder soap! Always use liquid soaps for you laundry and dishwasher. Powdered soaps don't break down completely and they will clog up your drain pipes and the baffle in the septic tank. If you have a water softener, powdered soaps tend to break down better but it isn't worth the risk of having a clogged drain.

6. Use septic safe toilet paper! All to often I see septic tanks that appear to be WAY over due for pumping. When I ask the homeowner how long it has been since the last time the tank was pumped they often say "maybe 4-5 years?" WOW....the septic tank will actually look like it hasn't been pumped out in 15-20 years! Sorry folks, the triple ultra thick and ultra soft toilet paper will wreak havoc on your sewer line and more importantly on you tank. If it doesn't say "Septic Safe" on the package....don't use it. The paper will not break down with non-septic safe papers, even with treatment. Therefore it builds up in the tank rapidly and causes the tank to prematurely have to be pumped causing you extra costs of having the septic tank pumped out. Or worse yet, if the tank is neglected and you forget about pumping the tank out the solids in the tank will build up to a level where they are making their way out into the drain field. Once your drain field is plugged with solids coming from your tank you may as well prepare to spend Tens of Thousands of Dollars to have your drain field replaced.

If you are in need of assistance with your septic system in Yakima, WA give us a call and we would be happy to help you out.

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